Want to help develop your students' writing, reading, math, science, history, geography, and social studies skills?

Jump Start Tutoring offers a standards-based group homeschooling education program that closely follows public school curriculum, so students can use it as a supplement to what they’re learning in the classroom! Get math, language arts, and more tutoring with us.

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Whether you’re interested in online homeschooling or educating your child at home with an online public school, Jump Start Tutors can help. We have years of experience providing quality online education and home tutoring services for both approaches to learning. But do you know the difference between them?


Our dedicated and qualified homeschooling tutors in Fort Lauderdale, Broward county, Miami-Dade county, and Palm Beach county work with families that have chosen both long-term and short-term homeschooling tutoring for a variety of reasons.

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Group & Online Homeschool Services for All Grades

 We work with each student and family in the privacy and comfort of your home to find the right teacher and implement an appropriate curriculum that supports what you already have in place. This ensures that all of the requirements for each unique set of circumstances are fulfilled. We can also cater to small groups of five students for those families looking for homeschooling for multiple children. We create comprehensive educational experiences from Pre-K through high school in all subject areas, preparing each student for success.


We want parents to know their options if schools do not open up in the fall. We can help navigate you through the enrollment and FLVS as well as helping you find alternative curriculums that would suit your child’s learning needs. So whether you need online homeschooling or homeschooling, we can help you through your child’s education.

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