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Are you looking for Chrome apps and extensions to get the most of your Google Classroom experience? We’ve assembled a list for you to help get you started. 

The list is organized by grade level and includes top-rated tools that will work with any device with Chrome installed. These apps are accessible and well adapted to the development of online classrooms. Head over to the Chrome Store and use this list to save time on selecting tools, setup, and integration for your elementary, middle, or high school classes.

Chrome Apps and Extensions for Elementary School:

  • IXL – Students can improve targeted skills with lots of practice modules and visually appealing tasks. Subject and skills: English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies.
  • Matific – Engaging and conceptual math lessons with fun activities. Subject and skills: Math, Critical Thinking.

Chrome Apps and Extensions for Middle School:

  • CK-12 – Accessible and customizable content for kids with different learning styles. Subject and skills: Math, Science, Social Studies, Critical Thinking.
  • Tynker – Offers custom and colorful coding creations for a variety of platforms that caters to strong independent readers. Subject and skills: Math, Critical Thinking.

Chrome Apps and Extensions for High School:

  • Desmos – Visual graphical calculator with an interactive simulation tool. This is a great example of knowledge driven math with smart instructional support. Subject and skills: Math, Critical Thinking.
  • Grammarly – A flexible tool that allows students to use for both quick fixes and more in-depth writing improvement. Subject and skills: English Language Arts, Communication.

Jump Start is committed to finding trending topics and offering you free and effective educational resources that you can access from home. Resources are always a great tool for supplementation and for enhancing your child’s learning strategy.

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