As proud partners of Time4Learning, we are thrilled to extend our warmest greetings to you and share the exciting journey that awaits your child at our award-winning tutoring center.

About Jump Start Tutoring Center:

Jump Start has been a beacon of academic success for thousands of students in grades K to 12. Our commitment to personalized learning, test prep, and homeschooling has earned us recognition from prestigious organizations such as Forbes, Emory University, Facebook, USPTO, Dell, Office Depot, Visa, Spanx, and the United Way.

Why Choose Jump Start?

At Jump Start, we believe in the uniqueness of each student. Our experienced instructors all have undergraduate or graduate degrees and score in the top 5% for each subject they teach. Jump Start Tutoring crafts individualized educational plans to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are customized to match students' academic needs and learning styles, promoting accountability, reinforcement, and effective test-taking strategies. We specialize in pattern-based thinking strategies, providing flexible scheduling for online tutoring 7 days a week to accommodate your family's needs. Featured in 50+ news articles including the Forbes Under 30 list, our flagship SAT program has consistently helped students increase their scores by over 180 points on average, saving families millions in college tuition costs.

Key Benefits for Jump Start Students:

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Our tutors are dedicated to tailoring sessions to suit your child's academic needs and learning styles. With flexible tutoring plans provided at discounted pricing for Time4Learning parents, we ensure accessibility without compromising on quality.

Why Jump Start with Time4Learning?

Partnering with Time4Learning, a renowned online homeschooling and curriculum company, we bring you a seamless educational experience. Time4Learning offers a standards-based, grade-appropriate curriculum with thousands of interactive lessons in math, language arts, social studies, and science. Enjoy the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, with no fixed schedules. With automated grading, reporting, and activity planning tools, homeschooling has never been easier.