Summer Slide Prevention Guide – Summer Home Tutoring

As Summer is in full effect, and family plans change, parents might be wondering about how to avoid losing all of the learning their kids did during the school year. According to the National Summer Learning Association, which invests in summer learning to help close achievement gaps; all students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer months. Most kids lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills. The “Summer Slide” refers to the loss of school over the Summer, however, it can be prevented. Ensuring that your child is building essential reading and math skills over the Summer will provide a solid foundation for their future.

Parents can explore these free online resources so that Summer can be a time of learning and growth for your child during summer-time without going to school:

Reading & English Language Arts

  1. Summer Boost – Offers free worksheets, games, workbooks, activities, lesson plans and more. This site will help parents put together fun exercises to keep their kids active during the Summer.
  2. Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge – Until September 4, 2020, kids can log in their reading minutes online to earn digital prizes as they complete weekly reading challenges and gain access to reading activities. The activities include games, quizzes, and videos. This challenge is free, online and mobile-friendly.


  1. ORIGO Education – Math education experts have compiled a list of math activities and resources for children. Some of the activities provided here can help reinforce volume and measurement skills and stimulate creativity while incorporating addition and counting skills.
  2. Bedtime Math – This website is a great way for parents to engage with math and their children at home in addition to a bedtime story. It is full of ideas for activities to do at home, stories to read, or a daily math problem the family can do together.

Jump Start Tutors is committed to finding trending topics and offering you free and effective educational resources from home. Resources are always a great tool for supplementation and for enhancing your child’s learning strategy.

However, traditional one-on-one private tutoring still remains the best learning experience for your child. Did you know that in-home and hands-on participation can lead to as much as a 75% retention rate? At Jump Start, we understand the risks of uncertainty and confusion that families may be experiencing. That is why we evaluate our students using one-on-one assessment testing to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

Our South Florida Tutors will help students navigate their courses with a hands-on learning experience; as they learn about reading, writing, math, science, history, test prep, study skills and much more!

Give your child the benefits of in-home tutoring today! Check out our newly designed website to learn more about our private tutoring programs. Call Jump Start for a FREE consultation: (954) 440-5787

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