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Science can be a difficult subject for many students, but with the help of a Jump Start tutor, they can improve their understanding and grades. Finding the right tutor for your student can be difficult, but it is worth it to get them the help they need. At Jump Start Tutoring Center, we go the extra mile to ensure that each and every student has the information they need based on a learning style that’s right for them.

How It Works

  • Sign up for a free consultation
  • Choose the package that best suits the needs of your child
  • Your child will receive assessment testing
  • Our homeschool tutor creates a customized lesson plan 
  • Session notes and progress reports are issued
  • We measure learning over time to ensure success
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Whether you’re in need of science tutoring for elementary, middle school, high school, ACT and SAT prep, or college courses, we can help!

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Backed by personalized assistance and a dedication to helping students understand science, our tutors go the extra mile.

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Do you prefer in-home tutoring? Is it easier to get tutoring online? Whatever you prefer, our flexibility makes learning easier.

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Finding a great tutor is hard, but at Jump Start, we go above and beyond to provide each student with personal attention and care.

What Makes Jump Start Tutoring Center Different?

Science tutoring can be a great way to help your child succeed in school. But what makes Jump Start Tutoring Center different from other science tutoring centers?

First, all of our tutors are very experienced and specialize in helping your students. This means they have all the training and experience one needs to help your child understand science concepts and solve scientific problems.

Second, we use a differentiated instruction approach. This means that we individualize our instruction to meet each student’s needs. We don’t just give all students the same lesson plan; we adjust our lessons based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to foster growth and meet specific needs.

Third, we focus on hands-on learning. We believe that students learn best when they can explore science concepts firsthand. Whether you prefer in-person or online tutoring, our approach makes learning fun.

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No Matter the Student, We Can Help

Science tutoring is available for students of all levels at Jump Start Tutoring, from elementary school all the way through college. Our science tutors are experts in their field and can help students understand difficult concepts and solve problems

Some students might need help grasping the fundamentals of a certain topic. Others may be having trouble understanding what they’ve just been taught in class and need a little extra help. Either way, our team of expert tutors is here to provide personalized assistance.

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For the team at Jump Start, helping students achieve their goals is our highest priority. School can get difficult quickly, and if students can’t keep up, it’s incredibly easy to get behind. That’s why when you choose us for science tutoring, you can rest assured that our team strives to ensure that your students are learning and understanding concepts. This helps them to gain confidence, build critical thinking skills, and find success. We know that it’s important for students to believe in themselves, and our goal is to help provide a quality education that’s built on innovation.


Whether you prefer in-person learning or online science tutoring, we’re ready to lend a helping hand. Contact us now to start with a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist your student and help provide skills that will last a lifetime.

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