6 Online Test Taking Tips

We understand that many students are required to take tests online now. Whether it’s preparing for the SAT, ACT, AP exam or any type of class assessment, we’ve got you covered. The same strategies for acing a regular test also apply to online tests, although, there are some differences. Additionally, test anxiety is an obstacle many students face when it comes to taking tests online. The following online test taking tips and strategies will help you score as high as possible on your online test and help students reduce anxiety during their testing.

online tutoring and test taking tips

Before the test:

  1. Study in advance – Some students might think that because they can’t be seen during an online test, they can refer to their textbooks or notes during the test. Even if you’re not being monitored, checking textbooks and notes lessens the amount of time you actually have to take the test. It’s important to study in advance so you’ll know the material before you begin and save on time.
  1. Find a quiet and distraction free place to take the test – Tests are time limited, so be sure to find a quiet and distraction free place where you won’t be interrupted. If you’re taking a test at home, communicate with your family and explain to them when the test is. Make sure to create the rules for silence. If you think this won’t work, look elsewhere. Local libraries often offer quiet rooms for study.

During the test:

  1. Keep track of the time – When you begin the test, estimate how much time you should spend on each section so you can be sure to finish everything.
  2. Only keep the exam window open – Keeping other windows open slows down the responsiveness of the exam and costs you time. So make sure the exam window is the only one you have open.

Test anxiety tips:

  1. Have a plan – Kids who learn and use basic test taking strategies tend to feel more confident. For example, don’t spend too much time on one question. Pick an answer and stick with it. We all have the tendency to second guess ourselves and it can lead to wasted time and wrong answers.
  1. Practice calming techniques – Practicing deep breathing and using mindfulness techniques can also be effective. Sometimes kids also like to bring things like fidget cubes into tests that they can use to fidget the stress or anxiety away.

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However, tests  and exams can be the most stressful events in a student’s educational career. They often play a large role in determining their grades, and subsequently affecting student’s placement in more advanced classes. In addition, tests like the SAT or ACT which determine college entrance and scholarship awardings can create added stress as the stakes are high and staying focused for three hours can be a challenging task . 

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