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Want to help develop your students' writing, reading, math, science, history, geography, and social studies skills?

Do you find yourself wondering what school is the best for a High School Student? Many guardians find this puzzle very challenging especially because every school in the neighborhood says the same thing. The most important question then becomes which school has the best solution for your kid’s needs.

Children’s education is no joke. As leaders of tomorrow, a lot of what they learn in high school will dictate the rest of their lives. High school cuts right through adolescence, making it one of the most critical points in your life as a parent and that of your child. It is important they learn how to think on their feet and what works well for them. 

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There are many reasons why traditional classrooms were never the best way to teach a child. Parents understand the demands children have. They need constant attention and in high school, 30 students to a teacher aren’t just enough.
Jump Start believes in a world where students can learn at ease with primarily assigned teachers to guide them every step of the way. Online homeschooling for high school is being incorporated all over the world. Technology has made it easy to be with classmates, friends, and teachers online.
Studies are now confirming the negative side effects of brick-and-mortar schools. Poorly ventilated classrooms, bullies, fluorescent bulbs, and cafeteria meals are not the only way to educate a child.

Online homeschooling for high school students gives your child a different perspective on life, a better way to learn with little or no supervision, and develop a strong sense of internal motivation. No need to hike or ride to school when it’s on your phone. Submit assignments with a click of a button. Enjoy videos of educational materials that inspire learning and smiles while doing it.
There are so many benefits of online homeschooling that will inevitably give the student a competitive advantage in the coming years

High School Online Schooling

For students of all ages, learning can be tough. It is an uphill climb and without help, you leave your child vulnerable. Our high school online homeschooling classes provide additional resources and support to make learning easier, more interesting, and more practical.

High school students will learn a lot from our math, language, spelling, science, and history classes. Our website carries a comprehensive description of these lessons.

Our wonderful teachers are enjoyable and trained to mentor their students. With over 4 years in business, Jump Start Tutoring has successfully tutored 4000+ students with an average 200-point increase in SAT scores. Our approach to tutoring can be discussed in four simple steps.

  1. Consultation:
    Each tutoring package includes a free consultation with parents and students to assess their needs and expectations. Every student is unique and we believe in giving everyone a chance to be heard. Our learning program leaves room for parents to contribute and monitor student learning progress.
  2. Set Goals
    Together, we set goals and timelines for students. This helps us stay on track and achieve results in good time. Every student has their unique goals and timelines which are important to their development. We try not to push students faster than we feel they can go but we also don’t leave too much room for complacency. In the end, every student learns at his or her pace.
  3. Find the perfect tutor
    Based on the subject requirements, we match students with the best tutors.
  4. Evaluation
    Exams, tests, and homework are administered to challenge students and test how well they understand what is being taught. Based on the results, we track students’ progress and refine the curriculum to maximize every student’s <potential.


This guide will help put things in perspective and reassure you that at Jumpstart, your child will learn. Albert Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think”. We love our students and it is our wish to teach children and mold the brilliant minds of today. 

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It offers a wide selection of learning Resources

The vast space we know as the internet has given the world access to infinite skills, subjects to teach, and resources for learning. Several universities and higher education schools now offer an online version of their programs. 

Learning to use the internet at a young age gives online learners an advantage many brick-and-mortar students will come to envy. Our students aren’t left alone in a room. With live video classes, students and teachers interact in real-time. 

With a live guide, our students can learn skills like music composition, quantum physics, the solar system, and the big bang theory. Over time students become conversant with online exams and can register for online certificates.

Choose What Works

Another benefit of online homeschooling that can be overlooked is how different it is from regular school. Parents have a better chance of evaluating the potential of their child rather than school-based minimum standards. 

Parents can also shape homeschooling with specialized testing and learning tools so what their child learns is in tune with what we know about child development. Many children learn things better when they play with it and every child is unique. 

Through homeschooling, you plant a seed that will become a valued skill later on in your child’s academic pursuits. Children who thrive from homeschooling continue to build content knowledge even during a lag in skill development. There are so many things homeschoolers do that help a child. 

 Reduced financial costs

Online education is an affordable alternative to school. This is because Online school eliminates the cost of student transportation, meals, and most importantly, real estate. Additionally, all course or study materials are available online, which is more affordable. 

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