Middle School Tutoring: Online Summer Classes

Providing skills and support to tackle the new challenges that come with online summer classes tutoring for 7th and 8th graders.

As we welcome the end of one academic calendar and prepare for summer, it is important we do not forget everything we learned the previous school year. Summer learning loss or summer slide is what happens over the course of July & August when kids lose a majority of their academic skills and knowledge.

The Jumpstart Middle School Summer Tutoring Program prevents learning loss in kids. With engaging, interactive, and exciting learning exercises, we help our students learn and have fun all together.

Online Summer Classes for 7th and 8th Graders Tutoring
Online Summer Classes for 7th and 8th Graders Tutoring

Let us help your child study more effectively.

Our online summer school puts kids ahead of the next school calendar. Because our program isn’t designed for rigorous work, we only require a few hours per day. Our curriculum is specific and easy to learn. Here are some key benefits of Jump Start’s middle school summer tutoring.

Personalized Middle Summer School Tutoring Programs

Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Boost Performance

Our tutoring program is designed to give our students an edge in the upcoming academic year. Our teaching curriculum is specific and personalized to a child’s learning needs. This not only makes it easier to learn new things but also boosts self-confidence.

Over the summer, a student can rehash concepts they previously didn’t understand. Our tutors also prepare them using materials for the next year. Middle school is delicate, and it’s significant children get a quality education at this stage of their lives. A tutor can work with students to figure out their learning patterns. Enroll now for online summer classes tutoring for 7th and 8th graders.

Bridging the Gap

One reason why virtual summer tutoring is so beneficial is that it creates a channel for students to pass on knowledge from the previous year into the coming one. Every student has a special way or process of learning, but figuring this out on their own can be difficult. In contrast, a one-on-one teaching experience can lead to this discovery. Once a child discovers the most efficient way to learn, it becomes incredibly easy to learn faster and perform better in school.

Even if a student has a good grasp of what was taught in school, they are likely to lose some of that if they don’t revisit it during the holiday. Summer tutoring refreshes subjects and topics by engaging the student. Students, on the other hand, can ask questions and understand certain terms, concepts, and ideas that may have become a problem in the coming year.

Learn/ Practice New Skills

Summer lessons are all about learning and practicing new ideas and skills that are fundamental to learning. For example, note-taking, listening, reading, staying focused, critical thinking, writing, comprehension, and more.

Often when a student comes to us for tutoring, it is usually because there is a fundamental learning step they’re missing. Deficiency in one of the learning skills could be the reason a child struggles to read, remember or learn. A skill as basic as note-taking can make a huge difference for a child but may have been overlooked in your child’s school.

Teaches a Structured Routine

If time management and organization are something your child struggles with, then you should consider summer tutoring. Our learning program creates a consistent timeline and structure for studying. Summer breaks are famously loved for the abundance of free time, which creates the perfect conditions to deal with habits like procrastination. Students learn to have a routine and study regularly.

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