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Want to help develop your students' writing, reading, math, science, history, geography, and social studies skills?

From the basics of language learning to complex calculus, there are so many vital parts of a child’s education that maybe through illness, absence or other factors have become difficult to understand.  Like you, our in-person homeschooling program is designed to help children under our care reach their full potential across many subjects. 

If you are perhaps considering hiring extra tuition for your child, contact Jump Start today. We provide specialist teachers that provide a truly bespoke service to your child. 

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Why Are Some Parents Homeschooling?

Some children get overwhelmed in traditional classrooms and will need to step back from mainstream education. This decision does not have to be a permanent one. Maybe a couple of weeks to re-calibrate and find their strengths before returning to school.

The Jumpstart Approach
Our approach has 5 key steps:
-Initial consultation
-Assessment and target setting
-Program design
-Ongoing support
-Beyond Jumpstart tutoring

What Makes Our In-Home Homeschooling Different?

Jump Start is proud to work with the brilliant minds in our organization. We no longer see ourselves as mere colleagues but also as members of a family stifling day and night to mold future leaders. 

Our teachers are graduates of prestigious institutions and they have the perfect skill set to help families and their lads navigate the learning journey. This teaches and motivates students into becoming problem solvers. We create an ideal learning environment that positively impacts your child’s confidence, mental fortitude, self-worth, and resilience. 

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Jump Start In-Person Homeschooling

There are many assumptions and misconceptions surrounding homeschooling. The reality is that because there is no set curriculum, prescribed hours, or limitations on which families can enroll, any child stands to benefit tremendously from a program like ours. 


Our teachers can deliver high-quality in-home homeschooling to help families across all generation groups: including primary and prepare entrance exams, GED, FSA, SAT/ACT, AICE, and more. We provide online education for all academic subjects including English and Literature, Math, Science, History, Economics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and more.

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