Educational Consulting Services Can Help Students

An educational consultant helps students navigate the college admissions process by matching student’s abilities, goals, and needs to the best fit colleges and universities to support their scholastic and vocational needs. 

At Jump Start Tutoring Service from South Florida we help students explore their interests bridging the gap between classroom learning and vocational skills by matching them with internship opportunities and apprenticeships to help them determine which career options they are truly interested in pursuing.

Jump Start Home Tutoring provides education consulting services to our clients because we acknowledge the importance of having one on one support to help students navigate through the application process, including making suggestions for the student’s college essay and identifying areas of improvement.

We believe that each child has unique goals and needs. Our educational consultants get to know your child as an individual, guiding them through the entire college entrance process; ensuring we can work more effectively to help them achieve the best educational outcomes possible. 

Educational consulting is different from a typical high school guidance counselor, who works with a very high number of students in the school to cover the basics of college prep and admissions. For example, according to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the national student to school counselor ratio was 430 to 1 between 2018 and 2019. 

Jump Start also understands that college is stressful for many students. Not only do students have to keep track of which applications need what information and when each one needs to be submitted, but students also have to be able to attempt guiding themselves through the entire process step-by-step. With an abundance of college admissions information available, the process can become overwhelming really quickly for students. 

However, understanding the benefits of educational consulting can help students through the entire admissions process.

We’ve gathered helpful information on how educational consultants can help students navigate their college admissions process:

  • Educational consultants compare schools and programs for students, which helps them with college applications, admissions essays, review scholarship options and financial aid.
  • According to a study completed by the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA), 26% of high-achieving high school seniors are using educational consultants to support them throughout their college search efforts. 
  • Provide a more hands-on experience. They are not pressured with the needs of hundreds of other students, so they have more time available to focus on a specific student.
  • They know the procedure for various college campuses. They make campus visits regularly, so they know details about the schools that school based counselors don’t.

Students who are ready to start the college application process should consider an educational consultant to walk them through the process and explore all of their options. Still, high school juniors and seniors are not the only people who should consider an educational consultant.

Young adults who want to explore higher education options or others who are getting ready to enter graduate or professional school can also benefit from hiring an educational consultant. Jump Start Tutoring will provide one on one support to help students to explore their interests.

When students work with an educational consultant, they can expect the consultant to review their high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores. An educational consultant will also ask students about any volunteer work, extra-curricular activities, leadership positions and internships they have been involved with. 

Educational consultants will ask about a student’s future goals including:

  • What type of career they want to pursue
  • What type of college they want to attend
  • What type of funding they require

Additionally, students can expect to discuss financing options with their educational consultant. Educational consultants can help students apply for scholarships and financial aid to help them find the most economical option.

  1. To summarize, educational consultants not only help students with appropriate college, school, or program options, but they spend time with the student during the entire search process with helpful tips and suggestions. 
  2. Many would agree how valuable an educational consultant can be in helping teenage students meet application deadlines. Teenage students will sometimes take the same advice from an educational consultant that they ignore when their parents offer it. 
  3. The college process can be a complicated maze at times and many students are grateful for the educational consultants’ expertise.
  4.   Additionally, having an educational consultant suggest a list of appropriate options among the 3000 plus colleges is a huge time saver for students. With the help of past visits to campuses, educational consultants have the knowledge of past students’ experiences at a college or school and can determine if the two students are similar in their characteristics to help determine if it is a good match for them.

Navigating the rapidly changing college admissions process can feel overwhelming for students. Educational consultants guide students by  implementing appropriate planning strategies with step by step support to help students navigate college entrance and can reduce anxiety while helping students reach their educational goals. 

The best way for students to master the process of choosing, applying and gaining admission to their best-fit schools are by:

  1. Strategizing an easy to follow plan so students can apply early. This includes having a resume, letters of recommendation and college entrance essays completed. 
  2. Giving themselves enough time to study for the SAT and ACT. 

Students seek an educational consultant for a number of other important reasons:

  • Educational consultants can offer an unbiased and objective analysis of educational, personal and social goals and choices, and can speak directly to the potential match between a student and a school.
  • Consultants look not only at whether a student can be successful in a certain school: academically, socially, and emotionally, but whether the student is likely to gain admission. A list of potential schools can emerge based on both admissions odds and suitability.
  • Educational consultants provide personal assistance and attention, a relief to what can otherwise be a very confusing process.
  • They are knowledgeable about a large number of schools, and often have access to information that students do not have.
  • School websites, marketing materials, online rankings, blogs, and guidebooks can be confusing. An educational consultant can provide necessary expertise while examining the information.

When should a student seek the services of an educational consultant?

  • When a student’s school is not meeting their needs, such as when a student needs a greater academic challenge or more academic support.
  • If budget cuts are weakening a student’s public school.
  • If a student has a significant talent or passion in a specific academic area, such as, art, music, theater, athletics, or any other area. 
  • If a student is willing and able to invest in a greater education and the best college prep.
  • If they are moving, and need help evaluating private school options in a new area.
  • If they have special needs and require help accomodating with a public school, or evaluating private school options and accommodations.

Jump Start is committed to finding trending topics and offering you free and effective educational resources. Resources are always a great tool for supplementation and for enhancing your child’s learning strategy. 

However, college entrance and test preparation can be the most stressful events in a student’s educational career. They often play a large role in determining their grades, and subsequently affecting student’s placement in more advanced classes.

We understand the unique challenges students face as they transition to college. That is why all of our educational consultants are top tier college level graduates, so our students can be confident taking advice from them.

Our educational consultants help you figure out which college would be a good match, help you explore different majors and helps you understand what the college admissions process looks like. Students will receive assistance navigating through their educational goals with long-term support, pushing them to become more professionally involved in the workforce. 

With Jump Start’s educational consulting services, finding a friendly and helpful consultant that will work with students one-on-one with a customized approach is easy!

Choosing our educational consulting services provides information based on grades, including suggestions on classes like Dual Enrollment, AICE, and AP credits. Our educational consultants also provide career coaching helping students figure out what vocational interests they have and how to build transferable skills. 

In addition, our educational consultants will seamlessly interact with students working on resumes, cover letters and college entrance papers. We support students, matching them with internships, apprenticeships, and certifications; bridging the gap between schoolwork and life after college.

At Jump Start, we understand that each child has unique academic and vocational goals. That is why our educational consultants evaluate our students using proven planning tools customized to suit each child specific needs. 

Our tutors can also give students an academic edge by helping them navigate their courses with a hands-on learning experience in-home or online; as they discover their learning style and prepare for exams in reading, writing, math, science, history, test prep, study skills and much more! 

Choosing our online tutoring services includes interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, document sharing and video tools to make online test prep more personalized and fun.

Give your child the benefits of educational consulting and one-on-one tutoring today! 

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