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Whether your child has excellent history knowledge or needs some help in with  history our tutors can help. Our history tutoring program allows students to grow more efficiently by providing a safe and unique environment that lets them explore the world they live in and learn from our history in a fun and interactive way. 

Learning about how our ancestors lived in the United States and around the world is becoming increasingly necessary in our everyday life. History doesn’t need to sound boring to students. You can learn more than just dates and names of kings that once lived. Many students don’t bother paying attention in history class because they wonder how their learning will impact their lives. 

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Having a personal history teacher for your child gives them more learning opportunities. At Jumpstart, we use a curriculum that teaches children and teenagers in a way they understand and learn to love the subject. We give our students numerous learning opportunities by looking closer at the past. 

As we grow older, our perception changes, as do our interests. Understanding what has come before us, gives us a solid foundation to understand why things happen the way they do. All of a sudden, history becomes exciting.

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History Tutoring for Middle School



At Jumpstart, history tutoring will teach and challenge students with several topics relating to our history and other significant historical events. We use a combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written exercises to teach and refresh students’ minds.


Many students lose a significant portion of their learning over the summer break. With a gap in learning/ school, middle school becomes a challenge for students who cannot adapt quickly.

Parents can help their kids naturally flow with their regular classroom curriculum on a solid foundation that makes things look and sound familiar. As a result, the child grows in self-confidence and the ability to comprehend and perform better in class.




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History Tutoring in High School

High school introduces students to more complex facts, events and ideas, forcing students to think more critically. At this stage, children start to learn how to use what they’ve already learned and form a chain of reasonable thought. The better they understand these topics, the better their chances of becoming respected members of society.
On getting to high school, students encounter a change in the amount of pressure. Handling the changing pressure depends on the student’s skill level. Busy schedules, puberty, friends, and many other factors come together to create the high school experience.


Jumpstart history tutoring helps by teaching students the core ideas of where they come from and how that has shaped their lives. We will give students the extra support they need by giving homework and test preps to evaluate and fill any foundational gaps in their historical knowledge.

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