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Is Your Child Struggling in Math? Our Private Math Tutors Can Help!
As a high school student, you will be expected to take a variety of classes across many subject areas, including math. While this may feel intimidating, these classes are designed to help you excel in math and prepare you for college, as well as increase your ability to be successful in related subject areas like science, history, etc. If you are having trouble in these courses our math tutoring experts can assist you.
Studies show a natural ability is not required for a student to succeed at math. While natural talent does help some children get ahead. It has been proven that practice and a positive attitude has proven to work as well. One of the best ways to affect both practice and a positive attitude is to enlist the help of a private, in-home and online or online math tutor. Our private math tutors are matched on personality and learning style. Our talented math tutors are proven to help improve grades and student self-esteem!

Algebra I

Generally, Algebra 1 is the first math class you are required to take as part of your high school career. You’ll study real numbers, exploring solving, writing, and graphing linear equations. You’ll also learn polynomials as well as quadratic equations and functions.

Many students take this class during their freshman year, though math classes are assigned based on the results of a placement test. Because of this, high school math classes can contain students in different grades.

Algebra II

Unsurprisingly, Algebra 2 builds upon the skills and concepts covered in Algebra 1. This includes a deeper look at solving and graphing equations, as well as inequalities and functions.

Many Algebra 2 classes include trigonometry, which is not always taught as its own course (but it can be—see below…). For many students, this is the last required mathematics course in high school.


Many students who don’t otherwise enjoy math enjoy taking Geometry. In this class, you’ll likely learn plane and solid geometry—this includes constructions, measurement formulas, and formal proofs.

This class is typically taken following Algebra 1 and can also contain students in different grades due to placement tests.


Usually taken during a student’s junior year (though it may happen earlier or even later), trigonometry is often worked into existing math courses, but some students may end up taking it as its own course. It involves both algebra and geometry and applying those concepts to circular and periodic functions.


It is a fairly select group of high school students who make it to Calculus, but they do exist. This may particularly benefit you if you hope to study a math-related field in college.

During Calculus, students can expect to continue the material taught in Pre-Calculus, now emphasizing integration and differentiation.


Statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that uses quantified models, representations and synopses for a given set of experimental data or real-life studies. Statistics studies methodologies to gather, review, analyze and draw conclusions from data

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