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In-person homeschooling for children in high school can be a great option for families who are looking for an alternative to traditional education. Homeschooling can provide a customized education tailored to the individual needs and interests of the student, as well as a flexible schedule that can accommodate various extracurricular activities, travel, and other commitments.


However, in-person homeschooling requires a significant commitment of time and effort from both the student and the parent or caregiver overseeing their education. JumpStart Tutoring has an amazing platform for parents, teachers, and students, to interact, learn and socialize.

Here are some important factors to consider when it comes to in-person homeschooling for high school students.

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Curriculum and Instruction

One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is the ability to customize the curriculum to meet the needs and interests of the student. This can involve choosing textbooks and other resources that align with the student’s learning style, goals, and interests, as well as developing lesson plans that incorporate real-world experiences, hands-on learning opportunities, and personalized projects.

In-person homeschooling can also involve hiring a tutor or teacher to provide instruction in specific subjects or to serve as a mentor to the student. This can be especially helpful for high school students who are preparing for college or who are interested in pursuing a specific career path.

Socialization and Extracurricular Activities

One common concern with homeschooling is the potential for social isolation. However, in-person homeschooling can provide plenty of opportunities for socialization and extracurricular activities.

This can involve participating in co-op classes or homeschooling groups, joining community organizations or clubs, volunteering, or pursuing hobbies and interests that involve interacting with others. In-person homeschooling can also provide flexibility when it comes to travel and other activities that can broaden a student’s social and cultural experiences.

Jump Start Tutoring: Your Partner in In-Person Homeschooling

College and Career Preparation

In-person homeschooling can provide high school students with a customized education that prepares them for college or career success. This can involve working closely with a tutor or mentor to develop a personalized plan for college admissions or career readiness, as well as taking advantage of online resources and tools to explore different college and career options.

In addition, in-person homeschooling can provide students with opportunities to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and self-directed learning that are highly valued by colleges and employers.

Overall, in-person homeschooling can be a great option for families looking for an alternative to traditional education. With careful planning and commitment, high school students can benefit from a customized education that prepares them for success in college and beyond.


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There are many assumptions and misconceptions surrounding homeschooling for High School students. The reality is that because there is no set curriculum, prescribed hours, or limitations on which families can enroll, any child stands to benefit tremendously from a program like ours. 


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