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The FSA Exam: What, Why, How

FSA Test Prep and Exam Practice For High School Students

The FSA Exam – Overview

    • The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) is a test for evaluating the reading, writing, and mathematical ability of high school students in Florida. The test is specially designed to measure the performance of high school students at the end of each grade. In the FSA, students will be primarily examined on the curriculum that is set for the entirety of the state. Students taking the FSA will be based on high-order thinking skills and will include various types of questions. The FSA consists of three main exams, which includes:


  • English Language Arts (ELA) Reading
  • ELA Writing
  • Mathematics
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Evaluation Criteria

The scores obtained by high school students in the FSA can be used for various purposes. Every high school will be provided with a grade letter from A-F depending upon how their high school students perform as a whole. Though these grades will not be used to evaluate high school students, it helps in determining the quality of education that they are receiving.

Final Result of FSA

The result of the FSA is also helpful in analyzing individual high school students’ performance. It will help in determining whether the high school student is fulfilling their school-based objectives and ready for graduation. It will also give teachers the idea if any high school student requires extra support with their subjects and can help them in providing extra assistance by utilizing educational consulting.

FSA Tutoring For High School Students

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Why You Should Choose Jump Start Tutors For Your FSA Exam Tutoring

FSA Tutoring Services for High School Students

High School is all about growing up and learning new skills every single day. With so many changes all around, sometimes high school students struggle to find a balance between studies and extracurricular activities. And, though it is good to have fun in high school, it is also the final stepping stone towards their dream college and career.

With our high school tutoring programs, high school students can complete their homework, projects, assignments, quizzes, tests, essays, and even prepare for college entrance exams. 

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