End-of-Course Assessments Tutoring

Jump Start Tutoring is offering end-of-course (EOC) assessment tutoring for students in Florida. The end-of-course assessments are computer-based and criterion-referenced assessments that are used to measure the knowledge and skills of children and classes.

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EOC Assessment Tutoring

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EOC’s are necessary as they tell the teachers and parents about the depth and breadth of what students have learned and how well a student understands a subject in which he/she is enrolled in. 

The EOC exam is taken by students near the end of their aligned courses as an end-of-course final. Meaningful preparation is one of the main requirements of EOC assessments, so that students are armed with the subject-specific knowledge to excel.

End-of-Course Assessments Tutoring
EOC Tutoring


At Jump Start Tutoring, we have well-trained and professional tutors who prepare your kids for EOC exams by providing high-quality, one-on-one and customized reviews. If students need practice or preparation, a comprehensive program, or an adaptive intervention solution, we have various assessment programs for end-of-course (EOC) assessments. With the help of EOC, one can easily illustrate program strengths and help identify areas where professional development can help improve future teaching and learning.


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Practice, when done right, is so much more than remembering information. With just one click on our website, you can meet our expert tutors who provide excellent practice that a student can access and apply increasingly complex information and unlock new learning opportunities. Our main goal is to achieve good outcomes and better achievement for our students by delivering the best EOC preparation programs to them for flexible and reliable practice. 

Jump Start Tutoring will help children focus on the preparation efforts by making use of data visualization and customizable reports. These will help in identifying trends and hone in on specific strengths and academic needs!

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My son had a great experience with Jump Start. Sybil is very professional, personable, and knowledgeable, the same as the tutors. He went from 1150 to 1220 in 4 sessions. He felt really comfortable and he says he would gladly recommend it to anybody.

Belen V.

With only 4 sessions and 2 weeks to take the SAT, she has increased her score by 110 points! Aiming for higher! Thanks to the knowledgeable tutors and Sybil. I would definitely recommend them.

Nioshi C.

Excellent and friendly service! Sybil is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I’m very pleased and definitely recommend it to anyone who needs tutoring services.

Jose B.

Jump Start Tutoring Center is an excellent program if you need help improving your SAT score. They helped me to improve my math score by 180 points. I highly recommend them.

Derrick W.

Jump Start tutoring has helped me improve my SAT score tremendously, I went from 1050 to 1210. You can tell the tutors really do care about their students. Thank you Jump Start for helping me.


I would highly recommend JumpStart tutoring for your tutoring needs. I just started my SAT tutoring, and with only two tutoring sessions, my math score improved by 60 points, and I still have more sessions to go before I take the test again! Shoutout to Marthe and Gaby for their professionalism and help. My score rose by 170 points

Kayla M.

I highly recommend Jump Start Tutoring Center! The teachers are very professional, detail oriented and caring. After a few weeks of working with the center my niece's SAT score improved tremendously and she got into her number one choice of college. Our nephew is currently doing homeschooling classes with Jump Start and the sessions are very dynamic, creative and effective!

Jodson C.

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