Elementary School Summer Tutoring

Interactive Lessons to Engage Young Students!

As parents and guardians, we have to prepare children for the outside world. Jumpstart Tutors offers online/offline tutoring for kids in South Florida. Our educational curriculum provides a personalized teaching experience for every child. Jumpstart was founded in 2018 by Chrissybil Boulin, and since then, we have educated and empowered our students. Our service to the community has been a great source of joy for our staff. We have seen hundreds of kids receive quality education and save thousands of dollars through their dedication and strong academic work
Elementary School Tutoring
Elementary School Tutoring

Our Elementary School Summer Program

The Jump Start Tutorial is designed to give your kids an advantage in the upcoming academic session. Our school calendar leaves enough time for play and works for better development. Our goal is to continue helping children gain confidence, learn, and think critically. Jump Start elementary school tutoring programs use interactive lessons to keep children engaged and motivated to learn.

Equitably allocating time for learning and play facilitates faster learning, so we create fun games like:

-Problem solving
    Riddles-Math games-Physical activities-Pattern matching-Reading-Building

The goal is to develop curiosity in children and help them build core skills like critical reasoning, math, language, and science.

What to Expect in Our Summer School Program

Personalized Summer Tutoring Programs

Jump Start provides personalized instructions to students anytime. Our online services remain available 24/7. Our students are free to visit and learn freely. Every student will be given an instructor who designs a special learning calendar. This way, every student learns at their pace, receives laser-focused attention, and gets positive reinforcement. Our programs enable children to learn in a system that is customized to match their abilities.

Personalized Elementary School Tutoring Programs

Secure Environment for Safe Learning

We rigorously enforce student safety. Our schooling program rigorously screens our teachers by conducting background checks and investigating credentials. We conduct interviews and screening exercises to ensure the highest quality of education for children.

We conduct continuous random inspections to ensure students are caught on fine and to maintain the standard.

You Stay Informed And Involved

Our parents are provided with regular updates on the performance and activities of their children. We believe our parents play an integral part in education. We will conduct quizzes, assignments, and other activities that will be graded for assessment. Results will be discussed with parents so you can easily stay involved in the program.

How Can Summer School Help A Child?

As parents, we get concerned, especially when we believe our child or children aren’t getting sufficient care from their schools. Enrolling a child into special summer schools like ours enriches them further than their mates.

Understanding independent learning

Research shows that students tend to cram more during a demanding academic year. Covid-19 has no doubt dealt a significant blow to our academic calendars, so students must try to stuff their brains full of information before exams. Teachers have to focus more on completing their curriculum than encouraging students to learn in their own way.

Our summer school makes up for such shortcomings in our educational system, providing your child with complete and efficient education. Our programs put a heavy emphasis on skill development, self-confidence, creativity, and curiosity.

Improved Grades

One of the most obvious reasons to enroll your child in a summer school is to increase their grades in school. Our learning program increases their study hours during the break and strengthens their knowledge of what comes next.

Students who pass through our program can discover new ways to learn, improving their chances of getting better grades.

Interactive Learning Environment

JumpStart provides a focused academic environment with fewer pupils per class and fewer learning hours. Our focused learning program makes learning in this short window easy. One-on-one interaction with teachers helps students ask questions or provide detailed information about a class discussion.

Call Jump Start Tutoring @ (954) 271-0458 to enroll in our elementary summer tutoring program. We would love to discuss how our school can improve your child’s learning skills and confidence.

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