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How Homeschooling Helps Students With Special Needs

Special Needs and Homeschooling According to the National Centers for Educational Statistics, homeschooling families find that special needs students perform significantly better with in-home tutoring instruction as compared to the traditional classroom. The study explains that students with learning disabilities account for approximately 16% of the homeschooling population. That equals

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Writing on Standardized Tests

Writing on Standardized Tests Many students are familiar with weekly quizzes and tests, although many students also take standardized tests. Standardized tests, like the SAT and ACT, are given to large groups and have strict protocols when administering the test. It is important for students to prepare for standardized tests

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Tips to Stay Motivated with Schoolwork

Tips to Stay Motivated with Schoolwork It’s normal for students to feel unmotivated at times. For students dealing with family, work and school responsibilities, staying motivated to complete schoolwork can be a tough challenge when faced with so many demands for their attention. But don’t let them get discouraged! Here

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Online Test Taking Tips and Strategies

6 Online Test Taking Tips We understand that many students are required to take tests online now. Whether it’s preparing for the SAT, ACT, AP exam or any type of class assessment, we’ve got you covered. The same strategies for acing a regular test also apply to online tests, although,

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Back to School Guide – Fall 2020

Fall 2020 -Back to School Guide There are many questions revolving around this year’s back to school plans for the fall season. At Jump Start, we understand that there is a level of uncertainty and confusion regarding school reopening. This year’s most important back to school supplies might be noticeably

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How To Homeschool and Homeschooling Benefits

How To Homeschool and Homeschooling Benefits There are many benefits to homeschooling your child. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, children who are homeschooled typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public school students on standardized academic achievement tests. A 2015 study found homeschool students to be

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Chrissybil Boulin

Chrissybil Boulin

Chrissybil Boulin is passionate about education and youth empowerment.

Sybil grew up in the South Florida area and earned an Associate degree from Florida State University and two Bachelor’s degrees from Emory University.

In 2017, Sybil became the first Haitian American to earn a master’s degree in Development Economics from the University of Cambridge.

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